Peaceful Journey Birthing

Pregnant? Planning a pregnancy?

If you are planning a medicated or unmedicated, hospital or out of hospital birth, or you just aren't sure at this piont, there are many benefits to having a doula. No matter your decision, I am here to support you!



 What does a doula do?

Doula is Greek for "woman's servant". We are with a woman and her partner during her birthing time to help her achieve a shorter, more comfortable and safer birth than she would have without this type of support. 

What techniques does a doula use? 

~ I will suggest different postions to aid in the descent of the baby and help to relieve or lessen some of the woman's pain.

~ I have used Accupressure to bring contractions closer together if they start to spread out.

~ Massage and aromatherapy for comfort

~ Have birthing ball, will travel!  

How does a doula support the partner?

~ By guiding him/her in assisting the woman birthing   

~ Being with the mother so that he/she can take a restroom or meal break 

~ Retreiving items for comfort                                                                

As your doula I will meet with you several times before the birth of your baby so we can get to know each other.